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John Lewis Are Selling A £10k Duvet And It\'s Ridiculous But Super Cosy

John Lewis Are Selling A £10k Duvet And It's Ridiculous But Super Cosy

The Debrief: Great news if you've got money to burn and don't own socks.

John Lewis, middle class homeware heaven and seller of best carrot cake on the high street is now offering the perfect duvet if you want to feel like Kimye while you doze.

The £10,000 duvet is filled with eiderdown-  previously shed feathers harvested by hand from duck nests in Iceland when the ducklings have left the nests - because if it’s good enough for Scandinavian baby ducks, its good enough for the #luxurynapper.

It also has a special ‘toastie toes’ feature- extra feathers in the bottom sections, so great news when you’ve forked out £10k, because you can get some of the cost back from not having to put the heating on.

It will be 30% larger than standard king size bedding, when you just need that extra bit of duvet to lose your phone in, more space to get toast crumbs and more calories burnt trying to wrestle a new sheet on when you have to change the cover.

Luxury bedding sales have gone up 87% in the last year, which is perhaps why John Lewis is seizing this opportunity to sell the most luxury bedding they can imagine.

The store say this will ‘help end duvet wars’ and encourage a much better nights sleep, but amazing as it sounds, until I have a reality show or a few grammies, I’m certain I'll sleep better in my reasonably priced, normal sized duvet.


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