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Sad Face: Jammie Dodgers Are No Longer Vegan

Sad Face: Jammie Dodgers Are No Longer Vegan

The Debrief: News that really takes the biscuit (no really)

You may have to find something else to dunk into your cuppa, as approx 15% of you will no longer be able to enjoy the jammy, succulent, yet oh-so crunchy creation that is the Jamie Dodger.

A sad day indeed. 

The recipe has been changed, which has seen the addition of milk protein - much to the dismay of those who are on a dairy-free diet or are vegan

Infact, people are so angry about the new ingredient that many have taken to social media to vent their fury.





And some are just simply sad.  



There has also been an online petition to get the jammy biccys back to there former glory, which has so far received over five and half thousand signatures. 

Burton’s Biscuit Company said the changes were due to ‘customer feedback based on how to improve the flavour and texture of the product the changes were made to give a more rounded flavour.’ The recipe change also means that the biscuit now has 22% less sugar.  

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