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All The Fights You\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve Had With Your Stupid (Wonderful) Brother

All The Fights You've Had With Your Stupid (Wonderful) Brother

The Debrief: Beating each other up wasn't fun when he got bigger than you

Ah, siblings. Aren’t they just the actual BEST? Most of the time. Welp, if you’ve ever felt even the slightest bit of human emotion towards your brother and/or sister at any point during your life, then today’s the day to celebrate that because it’s National Sibling Day! The most hallowed of all holidays. After National Lost Socks Memorial Day that is.

But, as any good sibling knows, growing up with a brother or sister means there's going to be a fair old number of fights that are had and, while sisters might fight over clothes stealing, brothers and sisters fight about a whole bunch of different stuff. Here's some fights you've definitely had with your brother.

That time you snogged his mates
I mean, unless your brother is way older or way younger than you, in which case we really hope this hasn’t been a fight you guys have had to engage in. We'll forgive you for pretty much every ill-advised snog you had when you were a teenager (apart from maybe that bouncer who let you in the club underage because of it :/ ) but it probably wasn’t fair to let your younger brother deal with the jip from his mates after you drank a few too many Malibu and Cokes and got off with a boy in his class at an underage disco now was it? Vice versa also obviously applies.

That time you wanted to watch the Hollyoaks Omnibus when football was on TV
I mean, probably not a problem now everyone’s got their iPads and iPhones and the like; if you don’t like what’s on TV you just find your show on a different device. Back in the days of one telly, five channels, though, the fight over watching boy TV or girl TV was very real. And one time may have resulted in a black eye rendered from a jolly good bashing with a remote control. Boys in his class found that one well funny.

The time when you realised he was bigger than you
If you’re similar in age, you guys probably spent years 2-12 being of similar height, build and moxy which made beating the living crap out of each other fair game. Who would end up victorious? Who knows! It was a toss up every time, that was the fun of it. Somewhere around the start of senior school though you guys definitely had that one fight where you realised you were way out of your league thanks to the seven inches he’d sprouted overnight. You probably just stuck to verbal fights after that.

The time where you argued over which parent liked who more
I mean, all power to the gender neutral movement and that but when you guys were little there were probably a few things you took interest in that he absolutely didn’t, and your parents were the same. This probably involved your mum taking you to ballet and your dad taking him to football matches. These incidences could be leveraged as proof as to who loved who more. You evil children.

The time you were boths stupid, over emotional, teenage dicks
While he spent time growing a long fringe, sitting in his room and grunting at your parents he had absolutely no time whatsoever for your over dramatic tantrums about boys/clothes/not getting Busted tickets for your birthday. Basically you were both lame, with very little understanding of where each other were coming from.

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