Stevie Martin | Staff Writer | Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Isis Twins Try To Recruit Their Family

Isis Twins Try To Recruit Their Family

The Debrief: They sent messages via social media

The twins, Salma and Zahra Halane, who fled Manchester to join Isis have started trying to recruit their family via social media messages.

Now 17, the pair are both married, although their husbands have been killed in battle. Salma gave birth to a baby boy in June. 

‘Are you coming to Dawlah [Isis]? They will train you up. You will meet boys from England, China, Ireland, Sweden, FROM EVERYWHERE. Want to see my Kalash [Kalashnikov]?? Ha ha ha.’

Another message read: ‘We have a caliph and we must obey him. He said everyone that doesn’t come is kuffar [a non-believer]. I had to fulfil my commitment and so will you.

‘Allah, the merciful, placed something in mine and Salma’s hearts that we came to hate the infidels [in Britain] – to such a degree we could not even bear to look at them.

‘My best advice to you is to get the whole family to make hijrah [travel] to the Islamic State.’

These messages have been reported by Jakob Sheikh, a Danish journalist, in his new book Denmark’s Children in Holy War, which offers the most detailed account to date of how and why the girls decided to forgo their dreams of being doctors, and join Isis. 

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