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ISIS Thongs On Sale Thanks To Anonymous

ISIS Thongs On Sale Thanks To Anonymous

The Debrief: What better way to troll the extremists who believe a woman’s modesty is paramount…

ISIS have some pretty irrational and strict laws, but forgetting the raping and the murdering and pillaging and the throwing gay men off of towers, remember what they think about women’s clothing.

You see, under their law – Sharia law – women have to wear a hijab, niqab, cloak and gloves. What better way to troll them, then, than to brand thongs with their logo and sell them online?

Anonymous, that shape-shifting group of internet pranksters, have tweeted photos of the thongs, along with comments like:

With a woman’s enforced modesty being the most hiding-in-plain-sight signal of ISIS’ disrespect for women (and acknowledgement that they think men can’t control their own urges) it’s yet to be seen whether they’ll take Anonymous up on the offer of thongs.

But, Anonymous’s plan could backfire. Because you know thoses incessant wedgies thongs give you – by virtue of their very design? Well, they might actually be the very last form of torture ISIS have still to impose upon women. And you just know those fuckers would jump at the chance to employ a new way of making women suffer.

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