Esther Baines | Contributing Writer | Thursday, 28 April 2016

Is Instagram Getting A Makeover?

Is Instagram Getting A Makeover?

The Debrief: Instagram might be getting a glo up

 While Instagram's blue and orange colour scheme is oddly comforting, they may be bringing in a new monochrome design, which was trialled in the recent weeks with a random selection of users across the world.

With the previous design being the same for years now, a change may be necessary to bring Instagram forward into the modern world. If the change does go ahead, your icons at the bottom of the screen will be replaced with simpler versions, for example a tiny camera instead of Instagram’s previous square camera logo where you upload a picture. Icons are currently ‘bubbled’, a look that will be eliminated with this change, giving your feed a much more mature look- ideal if you’re planning a life revamp to a mature adult person and want your social media to match.

This simpler design also does give more attention to the pictures, a great addition for those who like to think we have a well thought out ‘Insta aesthetic' and will benefit from more focus on our images and feed.

The app also trialled a video feature earlier this month, which is similar to the existing ‘explore’ element, but gives you more ‘videos you might like’, and the option to upload a 60 second long clip, rather than the 15 seconds they previously gave us.

Finally, enough time to film yourself doing the entire rap verse from Fergie’s ‘Fergalicious’, and less distractions so your followers can focus on that masterpiece.

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