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5 iPhone Hacks That Will Literally Blow Your Mind

5 iPhone Hacks That Will Literally Blow Your Mind

The Debrief: These are next level. Srsly.

It seems we're that in our everyday lives, we're just scratching the sruface when it comes to the iPhone because every now and again, some genius tells us about another feature we never even knew existed. Like how to dramatically save your battery or how to avoid the whole 'blue tick' thing on Whatsapp or how to find out your Whatsapp BFF

Now the people over at Tech Insider have let us in on five more iPhone hacks that will legit blow your mind. 

1. Bespoke vibration

Get this: you can actually create your own vibration pattern by tapping it out. Once you've done that, you can assign it to a certain contact too, so you know who’s contacting you just by how your phone vibrates. 

2. Manipulate autocorrect

After all those times autocorrect has made you a laughing stock with its 'ducking' correction, now it's time to make autocorrect work for you. You can actually programme your iPhone to autocorrect certain shortcuts into phrases or words that you use a lot, saving you a load of time when it comes to messaging. 

3. Head tilt

This is the ultimate in laziness or if you've ever wanted to feel like Matilda, but you can programme your iPhone to respond to a tilt of your head. Yes, literally, like you can nod a certain way and your volume will go up or the song will change. Welcome to the future. 

4. Finally get rid of Apple's own apps

Kind of. You know those annoying apps that Apple won’t let you delete? Well you can still can't delete them, more's the pity, but you can hide them, making it easier to find Candy Crush and Sims and all your other faves. 

5. Flashing notification

Remember the red flashing button on a Blackberry? Loved that. Turns out the iPhone has a similar function which lets you set the flash to blink when you've received a message or missed a call.

Go here to watch their video on how to make these changes, and your life will be transformed. 

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