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Excellent News: iPhone Update Will Let You Get Rid Of Those Undeletable Apps

Excellent News: iPhone Update Will Let You Get Rid Of Those Undeletable Apps

The Debrief: Plus, other stuff the just-announced iOS 10 will let you do. Includes jazzy new iMessaging....

Along with the new, just announced Apple iOS 10 beta update comes tons of new updates. Even more than usual. The tech team over at Apple really are spoiling us for choice this time.

The announcement was made at the keynote Worldwide Developers Conference, where software makers were able to preview the new updates. Here's the most exciting new features. 

Ability to remove built-in-apps 

Finally, the ablity to remove stupid apps that serve no purpose to us. To remove them all you have to do is hold the app until it does that little jiggly dance, tap on the X then tap ‘remove’. Seriously simple. Remember though, you can only do this if your phone can support iOS 10 beta, and it’s currently only available to developers – so we have to wait until September and the release of the new iPhone 7. 

Rise to wake

This function lets you see whats on your lock screen without even hitting a button. Literally holding your phone will make it ‘wake up.’ We're not sure if this is a good idea if you wake up and need to see the time then you have no choice but to look at your emails, but regardless it's a pretty handy function. 

Calendar notifications

On the messenger app, iMessenger, there will be an option to check out your calendar schedule when making plans. So next time that friend asks you if you can make dinner tomorrow night and you reply ‘let me look at my calendar and get back to you,’ you have no excuse. The new update also supports responding to messages and rich messages containing photos and videos within the lock screen. 

The Control Center

It’s has an update and will look a bit swankier, you'll also be able to swipe right to see a new music area that shows the music cover art, audio controls and a listening device selector. Fancy. 

3D Touch

With the update comes the option to glance at information without going onto a specific app. For example if you can’t handle reading your unread emails but want to see who they are from, just push down on the mail icon and the faces of your contacts will pop up on the screen. 


The iOS 10 will allow Siri to perform more tasks, such as supporting messaging commands for apps like Slack and WhatsApp – so you will be able to tell Siri to text your boyfriend to remember to bring salmon home. Siri will also be able to book you an Uber, handy. 


Ever spent 5 minutes trying to find the banana emoji and ended up getting frustrated? Us too. So now all you’ll have to do is type out ‘banana’ and hey presto the emoji appears. Great stuff.


The messenger app will support other apps, so you’ll be able to send money via it. There will also also be an ‘invisible ink’ effect which allows you to conceal messages in with a glittery overlay until the receiver taps it to reveal whats underneath. NSFW texts just got a whole lot easier. 


QuickType can currently predict what you want to type next, but it’s knowledge will be more in-depth on iOS 10, so it will predict longer texts. So if someone asks you to share a number with them, QuickType can get those details from your contacts and send away. This update uses Siri’s technology, and it will also be possible to cross-reference your calendar to your messages so you can check availability. Mind.Blown. It will also support multilingual typing, incase you want to switch up languages. 


With iOS 10, your photos on the iCloud library appear on a map depending on where you took that photo. Oh, and face recognition will be a thing with this update. The people you photograph the most will appear in a photo section on the app, clever. 

Basically, a whole lot of stuff is going to happen with this new update and we’re a little overwhelmed. But it does all look pretty great and helpful, you know so we can be even more addicted to our phones and never stop tapping away on them. 

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