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8 Heartbreaking Reasons Why International Day Of The Girl Is So, So Important

8 Heartbreaking Reasons Why International Day Of The Girl Is So, So Important

The Debrief: This is why International Day Of The Girl simply can't go ignored

Just in case you weren’t already aware from your Twitter feeds, today is International Day of the Girl (IDG). 

It’s an international day celebrated annually on October 11th, that was set up by the United Nations back in 2011. But unlike many much more lighthearted international days (croissant day, library lovers' day, be a millionaire day...) this day has the fulfilment of young girls' human rights at its forefront.


This international day was set up with the aim of not only promoting young girls’ human rights, but also to highlight the many gender equality issues affecting young girls today.

The IDG is now in its sixth year, and this year it focuses on the theme ‘EmPOWER girls: Before, during and after conflict’, as there are still millions of young girls living in conflict zones, which have an increased risk of gender-based violence.

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This year, Beyoncé is lending her song ‘Freedom’ to Global Goals campaign film, demanding #freedomforgirls on Internation Day of the Girl - check it out: 

 There are still so many barriers up against the realisation of young girls’ potential and their human rights around the world, but the IDG hopes to work towards dismantling these obstacles. 

From inequality in secondary school education and gender-based violence to child marriage and trafficking, there’s still such a very long way to go until young girls’ human rights are fulfilled.

Here are just some of the stats that show that IDG simply can’t go ignored.

1. Poverty

Around the world, a quarter of a billion girls live in poverty. 


2. Gender-based violence

Every 10 minutes, an adolescent girl dies as a result of violence.



Girls are twice as likely to become infected with HIV 


4. Female genital mutilation

UNICEF estimates that female genital mutilation has affected 130 million girls worldwide


5. FGM

In some countries, including Somalia, up to 98% of girls between 5 and 15 years old undergo FGM 


6. Child marriage

One in three girls are married before 18, and one in seven before 15


7. Trafficking

71% of human trafficking victims are female


8. Access to education

130 million girls are out of school 


Several grim reminders why we still need International Day Of The Girl - and why that good work needs to continue 365 days of the year. 


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