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Is This The End Of The Instagram White Border?

Is This The End Of The Instagram White Border?

The Debrief: No more having to shrink your pictures to fit in that damn Instagram square.

Well, yeah, it looks like it. As of yesterday, Instagram released a new update which means that portrait and landscape pictures will no longer be squished into the square confines of the Insta window, with acres of white space around them. Instead, you can now format pictures so the window fits to a portrait or landscape image. They've really thought outside the box here, haven't they? (HAHA).

Is This The End Of The Instagram White Border?

Don't worry though, the grid on your profile and the discover feed won't be affected - the pictures will still appear as a cropped square so as not to kill your square-vibe. As if that's not exciting enough, they've even given us three new filters!

Instagram's 3 New Filters:

'Clarendon' which gives an icy blue hue, 'Gingham' which basically fades the picture by taking out most of the contrast (not a fan) and 'Moon' which is a very pale greyscale.

Instagram game officially upped.

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