Alexandra Richards | Contributing Writer | Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Acid Victim Gets A Makeover And It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Heartwarming

Indian Acid Attack Victim Tells Her Story On Camera And It's Amazing

The Debrief: Beauty channel Blush and website 'Make Love Not Scars' also give acid attack victim Reshma an on-camera makeover

When 18-year-old Reshma Annoo Quersh went to take an exam in her home town, Allahbad, she couldn’t have imagined the danger she was in. Reshma was viciously attacked by her brother in law and two other men at a railway station. The acid disfigured her face and caused her to lose one eye. Now, two years on she is still fighting for justice.

And in a new video, Beauty channel Blush team up with Make Love Not Scars (a website dedicated to acid attack survivors which showcases their talents and stories) to give Reshma a makeover.

The video shows Reshma telling her story in between shots of the make-up artist using foundation, cover up and lipstick to transform her appearance. 

Reshma is determined not to let the incident define her life. Like any other 18-year-old she has aspirations and goals that she still wants to accomplish. Ultimately she hopes to work for an NGO and to devote her time to helping traumatised victims.

Reshma said: ‘I want them to know that beauty isn’t skin deep and it goes a far way beyond that.’ 

We couldn’t agree more. Reshma. 

Watch the video below: 


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