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\'Why I Want To Live With My Friends For Ever And Ever\'

'Why I Want To Live With My Friends For Ever And Ever'

The Debrief: Let's all buy a big house in the country and raise each others' kids!

Welcome to the best idea ever; four best friend couples in Texas have bought a plot of land just outside Austin and have built four identical houses next to each other so they can all raise their families together.

This is literally all I want. Like, all I’ve ever wanted. I live with four really good friends, and I’ve got four more in the house across the road. Dotted within 3 minutes walk are several more. TBF most of this comes from us all attending the same university and never really leaving the area since we graduated. What it does mean though, is that we’re never alone (sometimes tough, most of the time welcome in a city that can at times be very lonely) and there’s always someone around to help. Yesterday I sent the two girls I’ve lived with for seven years this article, about two mums who, finding themselves living next door to each other, set about creating a haphazard mishmash blend of both their families until they eventually became one big one. ‘THIS WILL BE US’ we all wrote.

I’ve got a boyfriend. We’ve been together for seven years. We don’t live together and this is probably partly down to the fact that he lives only a minute’s walk away and a lot to do with the fact that I have lived with two of my best friends for a very long time. If I moved in with him, I’d miss them and, being an insecure millennial, would definitely get all kinds of FOMO about the shit films the girls were watching back home in my absence (last night was Sweet Home Alabama, thanks for asking).

Of course I love my boyfriend and I’ve got no doubt we’ll be together for a long old time but, living with my two girlfriends for such a long time means that my relationship with them is up there on the Most Important Things In My Life Barometer too. Moving away from them would be as hard as breaking up. So why should I have to?

I’ve always thought that if I won the lottery I’d buy a really big piece of land and build a whole bunch of houses for my friends and I; just like the guys from Texas. I’ve spent hours in the past scouring high end property websites for nine and ten bedroom houses; imagining the kind of life me and my friends would have if my boyfriend and I took the top floor, while another couple set up home in the giant basement apartment and another adopted the second floor. Together we’d all have huge alfresco meals which we’d cook together every night, while the kids we eventually had would all grow up together like brothers and sisters.

Ironically, the very thing that’s stopping this dream from becoming a reality is the thing that means it might actually happen one day; albeit in a much more frugal manner. With London house prices going the way they are, the likelihood of me being able to buy a house any time in the next 700 years is less likely than Justin Bieber growing a conscience. Hell, I couldn’t even afford to rent a one bedroom flat with my boyfriend if we wanted to.

Over the next few years, as my friends and I come to the end of our twenties, people are going to want to start getting married, settling down and eventually, having kids. Sure, some will move out of London and settle in the country for much less money and much more space but, for the ones of us that stay; what choice will we have but to cohabit and raise families under the same roofs? Sure it’s less likely to be a sprawling mansion situated in sprawling grounds and more a pokey two bedroom maisonette in Catford, but hey, at least half the dream’s intact, right guys? Guys...?!

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