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How Tomorrow\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Full Moon Will Affect Your Life

How Tomorrow's Full Moon Will Affect Your Life

The Debrief: Tomorrow is the perfect time for getting rid of bad stuff in your life. Thanks Moon.

If you believe in astrology, and all the moon business, you should keep an eye out for the lunar party happening tomorrow. Known as the Mourning Moon, it's the last full moon before the Winter Solstice so seen as a final hurrah before winter takes over and makes everything dark, grey and moody. 

Sound sad? Well it’s not. Firstly, the big rock in the sky is going to look pretty (it’s a full moon) and secondly, it'll positively benefit your life as much as a moon can.  

Here are five things to do tomorrow to make the most of the Mourning Moon and yes, I'll be doing all of them: 

Let go 

This moon is a reflective sort of moon. It might make you think a lot about your life, and the stuff that’s happened throughout the year.  It’s also, traditionally, a time to let go of old shit that’s dragging you down. Arsehole boyfriend? Let him go. Crap job? Let it go (look for another job and consider quitting like an adult, don’t just walk out). The new year is approaching and you don’t want to have to do all your letting go in January because it’ll be overwhelming. Now is a moon-based chance to get rid of some baggage. 

Break habits 

Tomorrow will be, astrologically speaking, the best time to quit smoking, drinking or picking your nails in that really gross way. Yeah, the Christmas party season is just about to kick off, but who needs to pick their nails in a really gross way over Christmas? Just stop doing it. Maybe don’t quit drinking though, unless you really hate mulled wine. 

Remember the good things

The nights are dark, your landlord won’t let you turn the heating up, but tomorrow’s full moon should also be a time for happy reflection. As you let go of all the rubbish in your life, you should focus on the good stuff that makes you smile. Meet up with someone you really like. Call your mum. Stroke a dog. Look at a leaf. Whatever makes you feel good. 

Own your comfort zone

Up in the sky, the moon is moving into Gemini, and is directly opposite Sagittarius – Gemini wants you to stay in your comfort zone, Sagittarius wants you to expand your horizon. Tomorrow isn’t the time to panic about where you want to be, it’s about looking at where you are and feeling comfortable there. Give yourself a break for a bit. Make yourself a nice hot chocolate and pat yourself on the back, champ. 

Get nude and go to a crossroads

I mean, nowhere actually recommends this and it's got nothing to do with the moon, but hey why not?

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