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How To Get The Old Instagram Logo Back

How To Get The Old Instagram Logo Back

The Debrief: If you’re anything like me, you probably prayed on this too

Oh my goodness there is a god, for anyone still irked every time the new Instagram logo pops up into their notifications, there is a way back. Finally!!! Yes, granted it’s only been a week but some of our eyes haven’t fully adjusted to the change yet (and the rest of us just don’t want to).

If like myself you’re an iPhone OCD’er and stagger your apps according to colour and usage (as I type this I’m realising fewer people actually do it and I may be alone on this one), then you’ll understand what an annoyance it is to have the new Instagram logo colourfully sitting amongst the other simpler apps. It just doesn’t work. I still remember the day I accidentally pressed update and the new notification sat uncomfortably above the old logo. Sadness and heartbreak.

But guys, there’s now a life hack so you can actually change the logo back! You’ll still have the snazzy new update, but without the party colours. UX Designer and Product Manager Juan Ramirez put together a guide to help you get back the retro logo you know and love.

1: Create a new folder, I’ve labelled mine ‘stuff’ because I lack creativity, and plop the new Instagram app in there.

2: Open this link  in your iPhone browser and then click ‘Add to Homescreen’

3: Go back to your homepage and behold, the old Insta logo hath returned!

Although you will get the old school logo back, you'll also continue getting the new logo in your notifications. But hey! Your homescreen is back to the way it was.

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