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Debrief Staff | Contributing Writer | Monday, 15 February 2016

How Not To Be That Passive Aggressive Housemate

The Debrief: No one likes a note writer.

Check out this video by the FSCS, teaching you how to be a savvy renter.

I once lived with a housemate who would send a picture to the house Whatsapp group every time so much as a grain of rice was spotted lurking in the dishwasher. It would usually be attached to a really passive aggressive message. Something along the lines of: 'Just seen that the dishwasher is FILTHY. Danni, you were making risotto last night. PLEASE remember to clean up after yourself. We ALL have to use the kitchen you know.'

Dude. Chill. It's a grain of rice. No one likes that guy. Here’s how not to be him.

Don’t leave notes.

Since the days of Uni Halls, people have being leaving notes, usually about washing up. Just don’t do it. The intended WILL just write sarcastic comments on the end and it'll be a bigger row. Just air your grievances face-to-face.

Don’t label stuff in the fridge.

We’ve all come in from a late night and nicked a bit of someone else’s bread, or a scoop of Nutella. It happens. We apologise, or try to hide it and everyone moves on. Sticking bright orange labels all over everything in the fridge will just make people want to take a huge bite out of your block of cheddar.

Approach The House Whatsapp Group With Caution.

Otherwise you'll be the regular subject of screengrab-and-send.

Don't get too upset about noise.

You're in a flatshare, it's going to happen. If someone is playing heavy music level super loud at 2am on a Monday, then politely ask them to turn it down, thanks. But don't get too hung up on the little things, especially not at the weekend.

Don't get too attached to kitchen equipment.

Stuff is going to get broken. It's a fact of life. No one has ever had a full set of wine glasses for more than a week. If you're particularly attached to Aunt Betty's vintage tea set, maybe keep it in your parents' loft for now?


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