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Here\\\'s Why You Really Need To Stop Vaping

Here's Why You Really Need To Stop Vaping

The Debrief: A new study claims that the vapours used to flavour e-cigarettes pose a similar risk to tobacco

E-cigarettes may be the trendiest alternative to smoking – what with sheesha-esque e-cigarette bars popping up all over cities and towns across the UK (and the world) – but after long debates about whether they're any good for you, seems like scientists are now leaning towards the 'no' camp. 

A new study by the University of North Carolina has revealed that the vapours used to flavour e-cigarettes pose a similar risk to tobacco, damaging lungs in the same sort of way. Testing 13 different flavours, nearly half of them (including Hot Cinnamon Candies, Banana Pudding and Menthol Tobacco) changed cell viability, cell proliferation, and calcium signalling – all similar affects to tobacco – and were shown to be toxic in higher doses.

While this study alone isn't conclusive – it's one of many that signals a need for a proper official investigation into the damaging effects of vaping. One recent study, for example, found that e-cigarettes were harmful to lungs and could weaken the body's defence against viruses and bacteria. Another, published in Tobacco Control found that e-cigarettes contained chemicals known to be respiratory irritants, and were being ingested in high doses by vapers. 

The general consensus after this most recent study is that more research needs to be conducted, and fast, to prove the negative effects vaping is having on the general population. 'Given the increasing popularity of flavored e-cigarettes, a better understanding of their ingredients, the potential health risks of these ingredients, and the causes of these risks is urgently needed,' said Temperance Rowell, lead author of the University of North Carolina study's research. 

James F. Pankow, who also led recent research into the flavouring of e-cigarettes, challenged the FDA's decision to deem the flavouring as a safe food: 'The point is that when e-cigarettes manufacturers talk about these things as being food grade or food-like, they're sort of suggesting that use of flavors is equivalent to using them in foods,' he told Time. 'Never mind the fact that these things have not really been tested for safety, but in food FDA requires labeling ingredients. If they are going to say these are food-like, then why don’t they list the ingredients? It’s also not food-like product because you are inhaling it not ingesting.' 

Maybe try quit smoking for good, rather than just smoking something that's probably going to turn out as equally harmful? 

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