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Courteney Cox Proves She\'s The BFF We All Need As She Sticks Up For Jennifer Aniston

Courteney Cox Proves She's The BFF We All Need As She Sticks Up For Jennifer Aniston

The Debrief: As anyone who's ever been through a breakup knows, the rumours are often more interesting than the truth.

It’s been nearly a week now, and yet the Brangelina drama rumbles on. ‘Sources’ who may or may not be valid offer their two cents’ worth every day while speculation and rumour abounds as to the who, whys and wherefores of the split.

We feel guilty for being interested in the who affair, and yet still we read on. Last week, following the announcement of the end of Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie’s marriage we established that this is because we have evolved to gossip; to talk about the goings on in other people’s lives. This is how we human beings, as animals, relate and empathise with one another, while learning what sort of behaviour does and doesn’t work. You might say, to a certain extent, we are hardwired to care.

However, despite the media’s continued interest in the epic fall of the Brangelina empire some people just wish everyone would leave it alone, quite rightly perhaps.

Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston have remained BFFs since their days on set in the world’s most well-known fake apartment. Say Friends think purple walls and gold mirror frame-surrounded peep hole. It’s burned into our collective mind’s eye.

Cox has now spoken out about the way in which Aniston has been dragged into discussions about her long ex-husband’s divorce. The New York Post plastered their front page with a picture of Jen laughing to mark the news that Brad and Angelina were to divorce in a mock tombstone for the celebrity couple, bearing Aniston’s face alongside the birth and death dates of Brangelina:  2004 – 2016.

In true BFF to the rescue style, speaking outside Chateau Marmont in LA, Cox set the record straight:

‘It’s not about [Jennifer]. I feel like we’re exacerbating it by even talking about it’, Cox told Entertainment Tonight.

Echoing Cox’s words, Aniston’s husband Justin Theroux also put a stop to questions about Brangelina while promoting his new film, The Girl On The Train.

According to Business Insider, he said:

‘As a child of divorce, all I can say is that’s terrible news for those children, and that’s all you can really say.’

He added, ‘it’s boring to sort of comment on anything else. People are having a bad time. That’s horrible.’

‘There’s an endless appetite for trash, apparently, though everyone would say that they don’t have that appetite.’

‘But I think a lot of people do because people buy it. But there are bigger things to bitch about.’

‘it’s shocking how much bandwidth things can take up when there are far more important things going on the world.’

Ain’t that the truth. Just take a look at today’s other headlines….

Anniston has no social media and rarely comments on anything. Earlier this year Jennifer Anniston published an essay in which she spoke of how sick and tired she is of being spoken for, projected onto and having her live turned into one giant sitcom which, unlike Friends, she doesn’t actually get paid to be in.

Here’s to having a BFF like Cox in your life who can cut through the bullshit and set the record straight in one sentence. We’ve all needed some of that at some point in our lives. As anyone who's ever been through a breakup knows, the rumours are often more interesting than the truth.

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