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New Titanic

Here's What Titanic II Will Look Like Inside

The Debrief: Although they've changed the route and will be loading up with plenty of lifeboats this time, FYI

Okay so more than a hundred years ago the Titanic sank, killing over 1500 passengers on the boat, making it one of the deadliest commercial peacetime maritime disasters in modern history. Then in the 90s James Cameron made a film about the Titanic and it is one of the biggest romantic films of all time (we've all seen it). But still, 1500 people died on that boat, so who would want to build exact replica of the thing and actually sail it? With people on board? For fun? The answer to that very rhetorical question is Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, who is painstakingly recreating the entire boat. And we have the pictures. Well, we have the computerised reimaginings of what it will look like, anyway. 

The images below show how the planned Titanic II (yes they couldn't come up with anything original) will be designed to look exactly like the original ship/the ship in the film. Completion has been pushed back to 2018 and clearly someone's feeling superstitious, as they're not sticking to the same route as the first one. Instead the maiden voyage has been planned from Jiangsu, China to Dubai. 

Don't you hate it when your massive cruise liner doesn't have an Edwardian gym, Turkish baths and a swimming pool?

 Like the original the replica will have first, second and third class cabins 

Although Titanic 2 will meet all design and safety requirements and it will have enough life boats on board for every single passenger, in case you were wondering. 

The 6ft deep pool was filled with salt water after the ship had set sail from Southampton

...and guess what guys? It's back! 

 The Cafe Parisien will be an exact replica where first class passengers dined

First time round, it was meant to feel like you were actually dining in Paris, fact fans. 

All a bit ghoulish? Yep. But weirdly compelling? Also yes. 

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