Alyss Bowen | Social Media Editor | Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Facebook messenger secret inbox

Here's How To Get To The Facebook Messenger Secret 'Other' Inbox

The Debrief: Now you can see all the messages from all the people you've never met

The Other folder on Facebook messenger is an Ellusive bugger. It used to be filled with creepy messages from even creepier men telling you they thought you were sexy AF, and then it vanished all together. Well, now it’s back and there’s a ‘hack’ (if you could call it that) to find it. Ta-daaaaa, here's how to find it: 

Go onto the Facebook messenger app

You know, that thing you have downloaded on your hand that you spend lots of time procrastinating on


Click on Facebook messenger settings 

Situated right here *see below* 

Click on ‘people’ in Facebook messenger settings 

Oh, what's this, an area of FB you've probably never been to before 

Click ‘message requests’ to reveal the Facebook messenger ‘other’ folder 

You're getting closer...

Next click 'see filtered requests' 

Viola, there's your Facebook other folder 

Maybe you have tons, maybe you have none, but either way now you can regularly check that sneaky little Other folder to see what messages you have from people you’ve never met. 

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