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Here\'s Everything You Need To Do To Make The Opposite Sex Go Weak At The Knees

Here's Everything You Need To Do To Make The Opposite Sex Go Weak At The Knees

The Debrief: Everything you need to know according to Reddit, anyway...

If you're on the lookout to seduce some lucky chap or chapette this weekend then you're in luck. Over on Reddit today, people are pulling together a HUGE set of tips on how to make a guy or girl weak at the knees and here, we bring you the best tips...

Happy pulling!

This person whose advice is best tried on somone you actually know

'Nibble my neck and I'll do pretty much anything for you...'

This lady who likes a driven man

'I think that most men look the hottest when they are concentrating really hard on something. Gets me everytime!'

This person who doesn't want to make the first move

'Talk to me without me having to start the conversation. It makes me feel important.'

This guy, who has oddly specific tastes

'When a girl wears a sweater and the sleeves are slightly too long and cover her hands, but not her fingers. That's my melting point.'

This guy, who appreciates a touchy feely

'When girls run their fingers through my hair, or massage my head, or play with my hair. dunno why, it just does it for me.'

This guy, who needs a bit of an ego boost every now and again

'Lay her head on my shoulder like I'm her hero. It's great when we're standing or sitting, but the ultimate is laying in bed, arm around her and her on her side with her head on my shoulder. I call it the Action Hero.'


'If a man rolls up his sleeves to his elbows, especially while wearing a dress shirt, I will swoon.'

This girl, whose all gone a bit Christian Grey

'When men loosen their tie without taking it off. It's that blend of professional ready to let loose.'

This guy, whose mind is in the gutter, so yours doesn't have to be

'When we're going at it doggie and she lightly rakes her fingers under my balls.... ahhuhhhhuhuhuhuhuh.'

This guy who likes being told what to do

'When a girl grabs a piece of my clothes gently and pulls me somewhere. Or puts both hands on my chest and looks up, this is usually while kissing.'

This guy who's got a similar idea

'When you kiss and she pulls on your belt to bring you closer to her.'

This person, who likes it when you fuck up

'When a girl does something ditzy. Such as when they fumble to find the door handle, or something innocent along those lines. Then they just give you the cutest look you can imagine.'

This guy, who likes a shy girl

'Make eye contact, then look away, blushing. Trying to hide their face behind their hair too turns my legs into absolute jelly.'

This guy who again with the tie thing

'If a girl adjusts my tie for me while I have it on. Oh. My. Gosh.'

This person, who is now taking a long hard look at their life

'Scratching my head, just above my ears. I guess I'm a cat.'

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