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Having Lots Of Tattoos Is Good For Your Immune System. Really Though

Having Lots Of Tattoos Is Good For Your Immune System. Really Though

The Debrief: *Books tattoo appointment the moment a cough sets in*

So, apparently getting injected with ink is pretty good for you. Not that we’re telling you to go cover your body, head to toe with countless tattoos (unless you want to that is), but according to a study in the American Journal of Human Biology, getting tats helps to strengthen the immune system. 

Granted, the study was only a teeny tiny one, made up of 24 women and five men, but we're into it. Researchers from the University of Alabama discovered that the immune system of those tattooed handled the new ink better than those un-inked. It’s a weird thought isn’t it? Are you sat there thinking about booking that tattoo you’ve been pondering about since you went through a rebel phase age 15 and got your nose pierced? Not that I am...

If the science of this whole thing is confusing you, here’s the low-down. By testing the saliva of the participants before and after they got tattoos, they discovered that the first time anyone goes under the needle is suppresses the immune system. Probably because of the sheer panic of the needle coming towards your skin. The more tattoos you get, the more your immune system’s resistance is built up, so colds and flus be gone.

Next time you see us we'll have both arms covered in tats, maybe...probably not but still – it might be time to tattoo up. Here's our favourite tattoo artists if this story has convinced you to take the plunge 

1. Martha Smith, London

2. Lauren Winzer, Australia


Now @shannondooley84 always has a drink in hand! Always a good start to the day with u! □□□□

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3. Daisy Does Tattoos, Berlin 


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4. Olivia Harrison, Vancouver 


Beet for Maegan!

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