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Half Of Britain’s Having Crap Sex

Half Of Britain’s Having Crap Sex

The Debrief: Relationship charity says we’re all putting too much pressure on ourselves to be great at sex…

Are you getting much? Sex, that is. Because, you see, according to a new study, fewer than half of British people are satisfied with their sex lives. And even more are saying they’ve only had sex once in the past month. As well as begging the question: who are these people, satisfied with just one bunk-up a month?, it’s got a charity worried.

Relate, the relationship charity that gives relationship advice to 20,000 people a year, carried out a YouGov study (along with Marriage Care And Relationships Scotland) of about 6,000 adults. It found that only 45% of respondents were ‘fairly satisified’ or ‘very satisfied’ with their sex lives.

Relate’s advice seems to be for slightly older, married and child-rearing parents, eg couples shouldn’t shy away  from being affectionate with each other in front of the kids as it’s important for a) their sex lives and b) their children’s sense of a family unit.

But there’s some other direction we can take from the study, such as Relate advising that we’re all putting ourselves under way too much pressure to have ‘amazing sex’. This pressure means we avoid it all together, or forget to notice what’s so great about our own sex lives. 

The full report comes out later this year, and we’d love to see how the influence of internet porn can create sex lives where people feel so distracted by the fantasy of sex they’re dissatisfied with actual IRL sex.

But, in the mean time, the Relate study showed couples want to be more spontaneous, but need to plan times to have sex a little as they’re so busy. So if you can think ahead a little and actually plan times for sex instead of, say, sitting with your significant (or not-so-significant) other in front of whatever’s on the TV one evening, you might be part of the half of Britons who actually get to have sex.

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