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Guy Who Crashed Girlfriend's Spring Break Because 'Sun Melts All Morals' Speaks Out

Guy Crashed Girlfriend\\\'s Spring Break

The Debrief: Boyfriend crowdfunds his journey to crash girlfriend's Spring Break celebrations because 'Anyone who has a girlfriend and knows Miami feels the way I do'

Earlier this week, 25 year-old paranoid dude Azel Prather Jr started a GoFundMe so he could afford to crash his 22 year-old girlfriend's Spring Break celebrations in case she cheated on him because 'the sun melts all morals'. Rather than, you know, having a chat with her about it and trusting her not to cheat on him just because it's a bit hot. 

After documenting his journey there (complete with pics of receipts, vines and instagram shots) the pair have done an interview, and Marissa (his girlfriend) confirms that it was all just a big joke and that it was actually her fave day of the celebrations when she woke up to him outside in the lobby. And when she wrote on instagram that she misses her friends, she was messing around. But the reaction has ranged from comments like 'He’s insane I would have left his ass. That’s just plain stalkerish' and 'Run girl!! While you still have the chance. This the type of dude that will stalk and probably kill you if you left. So leave now, to a place where he can’t find you!!', both of which appeared as comments underneath the original report on MTV and both of which Marissa finds 'comedic'.

'Those are the most comedic comments I’ve ever seen in my life. He’s the best dude I’ve ever been with. To say “run” is kind of crazy — I wish people knew who he was. They don’t know who he really is,' she said in an interview after Azel's story went viral. 


WE made it!!!! Im on the hunt! Thank Yall! The retweets, posts, hate, and of course the funds! I'm breaking the cycle fellas! We not lettin Miami take our women no more! Let's get them DELIVERT!!!

A video posted by Hail Zel (@hail_zel) on Mar 15, 2015 at 7:43am PDT


Another side of it, though, is people presuming he made up the story just to fund a trip that he was going to make anyway. 'It’s a true story. … She really had a spring break — it was her spring break, we argued about it. I’m like, ‘You’re not going on spring break.’ I won’t tell her what she can and can’t do, but she knows how I feel about Miami. … She was already there and enjoying it; I spent not even 24 hours with her there — it was the last day [of her trip] when I finally got there.' 

He also maintained that he totally trusts her, but he doesn't trust Miami, and 'Anyone who has a girlfriend and knows Miami feels the way I do'. As in, everyone feels like Miami will corrupt even the most trustworthy human and force them to shag around due to its ability to become sentient and whisper evil instructions into people's ears. Especially girlfriend's ears. Either way, all of these comments smack of not trusting the person you're seeing - everyone agreed in the office that your boyfriend turning up on a girlie holiday would suck, just like it'd suck if you insisted on going on a lad's night out. There comes a point when you've got to let it go, dude, and Spring Break is one of those times. 

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