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Goldfish Wheelchair: This Fish In A Sling Will Make Your Day

Goldfish Wheelchair: This Fish In A Sling Will Make Your Day

The Debrief: Includes goldfish-swimming-with-sling video. Obviously.

You know when you’re a goldfish, and your swimming bladder goes so you can’t stay upright? It’s a drag. And often means you’ll have to be ‘put down’ (ie flushed down a toilet), but not for this Reddit user’s fish. Ohhhh no.

Reddit user leability came to the fish’s rescue, posting the invention on Reddit to the delight of all –including us. Thanks, leability. This is the best thing we’ve seen in ages.

‘I just hope the other fish don’t make fun of him, calling him names like “Corky” or “Ballast”. Fish can be cruel,’ said one user, in response. ThePenguin86 added: ‘This makes me wish that us humans had benevolent overlords that would keep us upright in our times of need.’ And triceracrops said: ‘To be 100% honest my brain can’t believe that’s actually real but at the same time I know it is.’

Same, triceracrops. Same.

While there’s no video for the above fish – there’s past evidence of slings and ‘wheelchairs’ (without actual wheels, obviously) being made for goldfish. Take this guy, for example. No, it’s not quite as neat as leability’s, but it’s still doing a great job:

You didn’t think you’d be looking at videos of sick fish in makeshift slings today, did you? But thank God you are. The world is a kind, excellent place.

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