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Girl Shares Pretty Gruesome Nose Job With The World

Girl Shares Pretty Gruesome Nose Job With The World

The Debrief: Rhiannon Langley, 24, went on holiday to Thailand for just one thing…

When you think of holidays to Thailand your mind probably conjures up beaches and bucketfuls of mediciney Red Bull and vodka, and white people with dreadlocks prancing around to psy-trance wearing ‘Tiger’ logo-ed vests that they haggled some market trader down to the equivalent of 20p.

Well, Rhiannon Langley associates it with some slightly different things – such as the nose job surgery she’s had done over in its capital, Bangkok.

Girl Shares Pretty Gruesome Nose Job With The World

The 24-year-old, who is sharing her rhinoplasty surgery every step of the way with her 200,000 Instagram followers (as well as her Snapchat friends and Twitter followers) says that she went for the operation because it’s something she’s ‘always wanted to do’ because she thinks the tip is ‘mostly just cartilage, it hangs to the right and my nose is very long for my face.’

Just before the procedure, the hairdresser uploaded a video to Snapchat explaining: ‘I just want it to suit my face and be a lot smaller, a smaller side profile and not so long,’ reports The Mirror.

And what’s so revelatory about it is that there are no official before and after photos – you get to see every single grisly step of the way, all the bruises and swellings and seepings, etc. Rhiannon, who travelled to Thailand for the surgery because she couldn’t afford it in her native Australia, updates her followers using the hashtag #RhiannonGetsRhino.

Girl Shares Pretty Gruesome Nose Job With The World

She’s even warned them, via Snapchat, that unfortunately, the swelling on her face post-op (nose jobs involve breaking the nose and hammering nails into it) means they won’t get to see the full effects of the rhinoplasty for about six months. Which is sad enough for them, but what about Rhiannon, who basically has to spend most of the rest of this year living under a mask of bruises and swelling?

We get that plastic surgery is her choice but we hope her straightforward, head-on way of sharing it with her followers shows them exactly what getting a nose job entails.

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