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Girl Changes Name To Jemmaroid von LaaLaa To Get Her Facebook Account Back

Girl Changes Name To Jemmaroid von LaaLaa To Get Her Facebook Account Back

The Debrief: What lengths would you go to keep your Facebook?

Pseudonyms sound pretty cool, don’t they? They can be mysterious and intriguing, like… Jack the Ripper. Ok, that was a really bad example, but here’s a worse one: Jemmaroid von Laalaa, which is now no longer a pseudonym but a real name.

Jemmaroid von Laalaa, 30, previously known as Jemma Rogers, registered her account on Facebook under a pseudonym to prevent people she didn’t want to be friends with online from finding her. Fair enough. However, Facebook didn’t like that so they suspended her account and the only way for her to get it back was to prove her identity.

The-woman-previously-known-as-Rogers first tried photoshopping her bank cards so they had her Facebook name on them but when that didn’t work, she took it a step further – officially changing her name by deed poll to Jemmaroid von LaaLaa.

Guess what? It still didn’t work. 'I can’t believe I’m stuck with this stupid name and I still can’t get into my Facebook,' she said. 'I know I’ve been a complete moron, but Facebook are being ridiculous. I’ve been locked out of my account for five weeks now and have lost all of my photos, messages and precious memories.'

Facebook’s real name policy has come under fire before, receiving criticism from drag performers, Native Americans and political activist who say that it can ‘cause distress and danger by forcing people to identify themselves publicly’. Early in June this year, a protest against the policy was held in San Francisco but Facebook has yet to budge.

We wish you luck, Jemmaroid von LaaLaa! Jemmaroid. Jemmaroid. Haemorr… no. The lesson to take away from this is to choose your pseudonyms carefully, you never know when you might have to change your name.


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