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From 5k To Full Marathon: 5 Podcasts To Get You Through The Running Pain

From 5k To Full Marathon: 5 Podcasts To Get You Through The Running Pain

The Debrief: Because running isn't easy and we all need a bit of podcast distraction

Running isn’t bloody easy. Anyone that tells you otherwise needs to get far far into the sea and not wade themselves out until they have learnt the valuable lesson that running is a pain in the ass. I won’t sugarcoat it for you, I really struggle with staying in the running groove. I hurt my ankle last week during my birthday boozy brunch - yes it involved prosecco and stairs, and yes I regret walking that day in general – but the main problem I faced after not being able to run for a few days was with how to get back into it. 

I felt like a newborn baby, unable to put one running trainer in front of the other. What is this exercise the world raves about? What is this ridiculously long running challenge I signed up for? WHO AM I.

Stress aside, the one thing that helped push me back out onto the cold streets, was podcasts. I feel like most people run with music, but actually when you’re racking up miles I persoally find the best distraction from the pain is a lengthy podcast. A discussion between two people generally means you're less focussed on the whole mind game thing, and more focused on what’s happening in your ears. These are my favourite podcasts to get you through a hard run, now pop those headphones in and go for a nice winter run. 


This ones a newbie, and my god I am addicted. Hosted by Refinery29’s Global Editor-In-Chief and Co-founder, Christene Barberich, the weekly UnStyled podcast uncovers to tales of life, work and love with inspiring ladies, told through the things they wear. I would highly recommend listening to the episode with Leandra Medine, of Man Repeller - because...well it's Leandra Medine. 

My Dad Wrote A Porno

For those of you who want to pee your pants with laughter while running (who doesn’t?) this is the podcast for you. Hosted by Jamie Morton, James Cooper and Alice Levine, the three read out chapters from Jamie’s dad’s erotic novel. Yes, his dad wrote an erotic novel, need I say anymore?


Similar to UnStyled, but hosted by Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso, GirlBoss sees her chat to everyone from the aforementioned Christene barberich about how she became the co-founder of Refinery29 and more girl bosses about how they made their creative mark in the business world. I’m a big fan of anything promoting girl power that gives valuable life lessons, so this one has become a firm favourite on my Sunday runs around Victoria Park.

TED Radio Hour 

You need to get this on your podcast app, stat. Hosted by Guy Raz, TED Radio Hour and based on TED Talks are based on common themes we can all relate to like food, love and work. Go listen to the Headspace one on a run if you’re in need of a podcast to help you clear your head - the ultimate de-stress therapy. 

Modern Love 

Taken from the popular New York Times column, Modern Love is all about relationships. Each episode is an memorable Modern Love essay essay read by actors like January Jones. You’ll be hooked, and plus hearing about love weirdly makes me want to run faster? Anyone else with me? Motivation, mate. 

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