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Forget The Thigh Gap, Now There\\\\\\\'s A New Body Part Women Are Freaking Out Over

Forget The Thigh Gap, Now There's A New Body Part Women Are Freaking Out Over

The Debrief: OMG I can't see your collarbone who even are you?

Still worrying about your thigh gap (or lack thereof?). Jeez guys, get with the programme. Don't you know there's a whole new body part you're meant to be feeling bad about now?

According to a new study from VoucherCodesPro, 34% of women claimed that the most desired body feature they were after was a 'visible/prominent collarbone' with only (lol) 21% hankering after a thigh gap as their number one wish from the body fairy. Other wants were, as expected, although definitely not as depressing, a toned stomach, a toned bum and defined arms.

What's really worrying though is what the study claims is prompting women to put these expectations on themselves. The whole thigh gap nonsense from the past few years (srsly, some people's thighs touch, some people's don't. Either way, it ain't a big deal) has been attributed to the growth of Instagram. Now, this survey is claiming that the collarbone thing is also a product of social media with 29% of respondees claiming they'd been 'inspired from images they've viewed online'. Another popular reason for wanting said body feature was that they'd 'seen it on celebrities' and that they thought men would find it 'attractive'. Only 12% cited 'I believe this feature looks fit and healthy' as their reason behind wanting it.

Nick Swan, the CEO of VoucherCodesPro who did the survey called the findings 'worrying' admitting that it was troubling to 'see the influence that social media sites and celebrity culture is having on women and their perception of 'the perfect body'. Something which we heartily agree with. Hell, three hours ago I'd never even considered my collarbone as a concept except for that time someone smacked mine with a hockey stick and it hurt like hell, NOW I've apparently got to monitor the podgy-ness of it.

Don't worry though, seeing as I've had some time to think about this, I've pulled together a foolproof guide on how to get a visible collarbone for you to follow. There's two routes you can take. One involves breaking your collarbone so it pokes through your skin (SO CHIC RIGHT NOW), and the other involves realising this is all a very silly thing to worry about and eating a piece of cake. I'm going for number two. Join me, won't you?

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