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Football Player Arrested On Suspicion Of Sex With 15-Year-Old

The Debrief: Adam Johnson's girlfriend, who shares with him the mansion where the alleged incident took place, is sticking by him...

Grim news today: an England football player has been arrested on suspicion of sexual activity with a minor. Adam Johnson, 27, has been suspended from his team, Sunderland AFC (where he normally earns a whopping £50,000 a week) pending the outcome of the investigation.

The allegations are that he was sexually involved with a 15-year-old girl at his mansion. Police told MailOnline: ‘A 27-year-old man was arrested earlier today on suspicion of sexual activity with a girl under 16. He has been released on police bail pending on-going investigations.’

Meanwhile, Adam’s girlfriend, Stacey Flounders, is standing by him, with her mum telling The Mirror: ‘He is 100 per cent innocent and we will stand by him.

'He hasn't been found guilty of anything. He is a great lad and has not done anything wrong. This is a horrible situation.'

While we’re on the subject of British guys in the public eye being suspended from their jobs after alleged creepy behaviour, ITV bosses have suspended The Only Way Is Essex’s Dan Osborne. The new dad (his girlfriend, Eastenders actress Jacqueline Jossa, gave birth to their daughter Ella last month) will no longer be filmed in the series until he talks to bosses about a leaked tape of him. In the audio recording obtained by The Sun, Dan can allegedly be heard threatening to stab ex-girlfriend Megan Tomlin if she sleeps with other men: 'The minute another man's penis goes inside you, I will stick a knife up your *****'

He also calls her a 'fucking tramp' and a 'little cunt'. Allegedly!

A spokesperson for ITV told Digital Spy: ‘We are speaking to Dan about this incident, and in the meantime he will not be taking part in filming.’

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