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Flirtmoji Have Updated Their Offering With Christmas-Themed Emojis

The Debrief: Two reindeers humping? Oh god

Once upon a time we asked a guy to translate what the weirdest emojis on Flirtmoji were , and it was rather amusing.

Flirtmoji (the peeps behind the sexting-friendly set of emojis) has released a holiday seson pack of sex icons for you to wile away your time on the sofa with.

So go now, and get downloading the ‘Snow Bunny Collection’ and you will see these sexed up holiday classics for yourselves. Our favourite naughty Christmas emojis include:

-       A bitten into ginger bread penis
-       A candy cane going into someone’s bum
-       A vagina manger (yep, they went there)
-       Rudolph having sex
-       Advent candle holder made of willies

You’re welcome. Merry Christmas.

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