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Debrief Staff | Contributing Writer | Tuesday, 7 November 2017


How I Make It Work: Kerry Baker On Being The Only Female Plumber In Cheltenham

The Debrief: Here's why - and how - she got into the trade.

There’s only one woman plumber in the Cheltenham area and that’s Kerry Baker. After working as a plumber’s apprentice Kerry decided to set up her own company and is now fully booked five days a week.

She talks to The Debrief about how she was forced to wise up about money in her early twenties after getting into a bit of credit card debt. Indeed, research shows that young women are more likely than any other demographic to find themselves in debt, so Kerry isn’t alone.

Watch our interview with Kerry below:

Now a successful business owner, Kerry thinks that financial education should be taught in schools and believes that financial autonomy is key for empowering women. She learned her lesson the hard way and now lives on a strict budget. She pays herself the minimum she needs to live on from her business and says her policy is ‘if I can’t afford it, I don’t buy it’. That’s a mantra we could all learn from, right?!

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