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Fares Might Be Going Up, But Train Companies To Get More Fair

The Debrief: Rail firms' ticket machines will soon tell you the cheapest fare available, but 'soon' means March 2016...

The price of your train ticket going home for Christmas/out for New Years' was high enough, you thought, then all the rail firms' fare rises came in (January really is a shitter sometimes). So it's now even more expensive to get from A to B and you're still having to share your space once on said spenny train with some wanker banker's inability to keep his legs shut.

On the plus side, ministers know this is an issue that they need to sort out. The rail minister, Claire Perry, is saying that now, companies will have to tell you, at the ticket machine, that you could definitely get a cheaper fare if you do the whole face-to-face ticket buying thing from the window. She released a statement saying: 'I am absolutely determined that passengers should get the best possible deal for every journey.

'There is no excuse for poor-quality information, restricted ticket choice or confusing screen directions at ticket machines.'

'I welcome the fact that the industry has responded to the challenge with some positive actions -' but here's the catch: '-which will be rolled out by next March.'

But surely they could just put a nice little sticker on all the ticket machines? A sticker! With a mascot on if they want!

In the meantime? Labour has stepped up, with Michael Dugher pledging to Radio 4: 'We need action on rail fares. Labour would introduce a legal right to the cheapest fare.'

And a sticker. Please?

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