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Fan Theory Proves Your Fave TV Shows Existed In Same World

Fan Theory Proves Your Fave TV Shows Existed In Same World

The Debrief: Seinfeld, Breaking Bad, I Love Lucy... They're All Linked

Someone’s got too much time on their hands, and we’re really glad they have because Keith Gow and Ash Crowe just basically made our day. And potentially our week. The Tommy Westphall Universe theory involves all your fave American TV shows, and seeks to prove that they all exist in a dream had by a minor character in NBC’s St. Elsewhere. Because, then, a lot of shows have crossovers or mention the universes of other shows, it turns out there is an incredible web of shows that could also feasibly have been in the character’s dream. The Huffington Post have teamed up with the theorists to create a map which sort of boggles the mind. 

A lot to take in, yes, so here’s the image to stare at for a while. 

Actually, if anything, that's even more overwhelming. Click here to see an image you can zoom in on to really get to grips with this. 

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