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Facebook Won\\\\\\\'t Promote A Post About This Feminist Book Because It\\\\\\\'s \\\\\\\'Profane\\\\\\\'

Facebook Won't Promote A Post About This Feminist Book Because It's 'Profane'

The Debrief: But, IMHO, it's actually not

Back in 1975, writer Anne Summers released her now iconic feminist book, Damned Whores and God's Police, about how Australia’s history and culture have limited women’s place in society. Now, as the book reaches it’s 40th anniversary, Anne's holding a ‘conference and celebration’ in Sydney to mark the occasion.

Naturally, Anne wants to spread the word about the event by promoting it on Facebook, but unfortunately they’re just not having it. Posting on her Facebook page yesterday, Anne explained how Facebook had refused to publicise the post because they judged it to be ‘profane’. She’s unsure if they’re referring to the title of the book or the quote she’d included in the post from former prime minister Julia Gillard (which is also in the book) that includes the word ‘bitch’. 

This seems pretty damn crazy considering all the other content we see being circulated on Facebook that goes way beyond being just ‘profane’. In the end, Anne asked her fans to share the post themselves instead and it ended up getting (at last count) 9,138 shares and reached over 224,000 people in just a ‘few hours’, and all for free! Jokes on Facebook.

Oh, and I know what you’re thinking, but Anne has nothing to do with the sex shop Ann Summers in any way. Just to clear that up.

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