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Facebook Set To Launch 360 Degree Photos

Facebook Set To Launch 360 Degree Photos

The Debrief: Please let Smellivision be next.

Guys, Facebook just went and got even more high-tech on us. As if having to choose which emoji represents how we're feeling, or being able to look at which pictures someone’s liked or the hidden games we can spend our day playing isn't enough, according to Digital Spy, they’re set to introduce 360 degree photos to your newsfeed in the next few weeks.   

I know right. This means you’ll be able to take a panoramic picture on your phone (or on a 360 camera, if you happen to own one of those), upload the picture to Facebook and explore the picture by titling your phone or dragging the actual image. So now you can actually feel like you're with your mate on her summer holiday. Apparently it’ll be even better if you have a virtual reality headset and you’ll be able to get the full experience via the Oculus app.

Is it necessary? Not really, but it’s quite cool. Turns out Facebook 360 video already exists too. Who bloody knew.

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