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Group Calls On Facebook Messenger Are Now A Thing That Exist

Group Calls On Facebook Messenger Are Now A Thing That Exist

The Debrief: Facebook is literally taking over the WORLD

Dreams of being in an American 90s movie talking to 3 of your best girl friends can now come true, all thanks to the guys over at Facebook. Because Facebook aren’t already doing more than enough to take over technology, they have no revealed a group voice calling function on both iOS and Android. 

The feature, revealed by Facebook Messenger head David Marcus, has come about after Facebook Messenger was responsible for 10% of all mobile voice calls. We know, right, since when did we all start calling people on the internet and not on our cell phones. Here's how to use it. 

1. Load up Facebook Messenger 

As you would for any normal chat 

2. Create a group for the people you want to chat to 

Maybe you need to discuss who’s buying loo roll this week? Whatever you fancy. 

3. Tap on the phone icon that appears in group conversations 

Ok, got it. 

4. And chat away in Facebook Messenger group calls 

Ta-daaaa, easy as pie. 

The caller can also selection who from the group to include in the call, so if you don’t get any group calls soon maybe do some digging to see if you’re being ghosted.

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