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Facebook Is Trying to Help Us Forget Our Ex

Facebook Has A New App To Help You Forget Your Ex

The Debrief: It'll be like they never existed. In a nice way

Apart from the heartache, sadness and loss that usually comes at the end of a relationship, one of the worst things about a break-up is social media. Because you know what makes it really hard to move on from someone? Seeing them on your Facebook news feed having all the lols and all the bants and all the fun. Like, why don’t you miss me? Who is that girl? And why are you still wearing the shirt I bought you?

Anyway, Facebook has recognised our plight and is now testing tools designed to help people manage their interaction with an ex. When you go to change your relationship status to ‘single’, you’ll be prompted to make decisions about a number of things that will help block them from your life (if that’s what you want), without actually having to block or unfriend them. Here’s what you might soon be able to do...

‘See less’ of them, which means their posts won’t show up in your news feed and they won’t be suggested when you’re tagging people in a post, photo or writing a new message. 

You’ll be able to stop them from seeing certain things on your profile, limiting soul-destroying post-relationship stalking.


Plus, you can untag yourself from past posts with that person and edit who can see them.


All sounds good, tbf. The only issue is that what if you were (*gasp*) never ‘In A Relationship’ with them on Facebook? What about all the couples who didn’t feel the need to validate their relationship on social media? Who’s going to help them?

But, hang on, if you were never ‘In A Relationship’ were you ever in a relationship? I’ll leave you with that food for thought.


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