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Face Melody Scans Your Face And Gives You Your Own Theme Tune. We\\\'re Obsessed.

Face Melody Scans Your Face And Gives You Your Own Theme Tune. We're Obsessed.

The Debrief: Warning: It's very mesmerising

Today’s main procrastination source goes to: Face Melody, a website that can generate what your faces theme tune would be after you upload an image of, well, yourself. The website, created by a Japanese cosmetics group called ISPA, is really easy to navigate. Here’s how: 

What is Face Melody? 

It’s facial recognition technology and algorithms to write you your very own personal theme tune. It’s all based on the shape of your face, your skin coloring, how you smile and move your face and probably hundreds of other things that we’re uncertain about but whatever. 

How do I use Face Melody? 

All you have to do is click ‘I agree to the terms and conditions (maybe translate the page first, unless you’re fluent in Japanese), then upload a snapshot of your face. You can take a picture then, but to do that I need someone from IT to come press some buttons on my computer, so I used this moody B&W photo instead. Once your face shot is uploaded, the website does some magic things like map your face and give you a ‘smile level’, I think mine was netural. Great to know. All of these statistics help to determine the pattern of your song. 

What happens next? 

Errr well you sit back and enjoy your psychedelic face song and watch the incredibly tripy video that comes with it. My song was quite upbeat, like a child walking through the woods on a sunny day listening to ‘drip drip drop little April showers’ from Bambi, but reworked and covered by Jimi Hendrix. It’s incredibly mesmerising and I watched it from start to finish without looking away from my screen. 

Now you go play and procrastinate 

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