Siobhan Lawless | Contributing Writer | Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The Whole World Is In Love With Justin Trudeau, Especially Ivanka Trump

The Whole World Is In Love With Justin Trudeau, Especially Ivanka Trump

The Debrief: Ivanka Trump Looked Head Over Heels Meeting Justin Trudeau And We Can't Blame Her

Valentine's Day may be over but, our hearts are still burning for one man: Justin Trudeau. Sigh. How couldn’t that smile, those eyes, that voice not turn you into a melted marshmallow by an open fire? The whole world is literally purring over Canada’s Prime Minister, including Ivanka Trump. Yes, her father's ludicrous views could not be world's further apart from Trudeau's, but what does this matter, when you're at the mercy of Cupid's bow and arrow?

Sparks started flying on Monday when the Canadian Prime Minister paid a visit to the White House. Trudeau joined Ivanka at a roundtable discussion about women in the workforce. However, Ivanka's mind seemed to be elsewhere...





2. Whatever You Say...'I Do'



3. Smitten AF



4. Everyone's Eye Candy



Ivanka is by no means the only married woman to have fallen under Trudeau's spell...


 While Ivanka <3 Trudeau memes have been breaking the internet, please can we just pause to appreciate Trudeau <3 Obama...



Now there's a love triangle more exciting than an episode of House of Cards.

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