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4 Ethical Alternatives To Uber

5 Ethical Alternatives To Uber

The Debrief: It's time to find a safer, more reliable option

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be aware that things aren’t all too great for Uber at the mo. They’ve only got a few more days left of operating in the capital unless they issue an appeal since they lost their license for London last week.

Transport for London revoked Uber’s license by announcing that the company 'is not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence',  which asks the question: where do I find taxi companies that are fit and proper?  

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1. Taxify

Taxify is available across 25 cities in Europe, Africa and West Asia. Their app allows you to follow your journey and gives you the option of paying with cash or card. As well as cheaper prices, Taxify also promises to pay their drivers more. The Telegraph found that a journey from Wembley Stadium to Covent Garden would cost roughly between £20-£28 if travelling with Uber but with Taxify, that fair would drop down to a more affordable £11.20-£11.35.

2. Lyft 

Lyft works the same as Uber, in that you book via an app and can track your journey from a phone. However, Lyft believes in 'uniting humanity and technology to make everyday rides welcoming, affordable and memorable' – we love them already. Lyft is currently only available in the US but, according to The Telegraph, they’re looking to spread their wings over to our capital following the loss of Uber’s license to operate in London.  

3. MyTaxi 

MyTaxi is available in London as well other cities in Europe. They use prices which are set by local regulations and have a tracking map similar to Uber’s. As well as giving you the cash or card option, MyTaxi will wait 2 and a half minutes outside for you for no charge. They’re always offering promotions, and until 1st October, the majority of journeys have 50% off. They aim to 'keep you out of the cold and rain- and into safe, reliable cabs.'

4. London Lady Chauffeurs 

London Lady Chauffeurs are part of Riverside Cars based in London. The idea came about after Riverside Cars had several female passengers express their worries over travelling with a male driver, especially at night. London Lady Chauffeurs is run by women, with women drivers, exclusively for women (they actually get to turn men down). They believe that their customers are 'driven by professionally trained lady chauffeurs for their comfort and safety'. There are several other female-only transport services across the UK, including Ladies Only Travel and Pink Ladies - who even help you unpack your shopping.

5. Kabbee 

Although only available in London, Kabbee is your incredibly affordable alternative to Uber. The company works with over 70 different cab companies in London and offer you a taxi price comparison service. With set rates and hundreds of taxis to compare Kabbee makes your journey a lot cheaper, in fact, they aim to be 65% cheaper than a black cab. You also have the ability to track your journey, and customers leave reviews on their journey. 

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