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Ethan Renoe, Chicago\\\\\\\'s Single Topless \\\\\\\'Virgin\\\\\\\', Wants You To Call Him

Ethan Renoe, Chicago's Single Topless 'Virgin', Wants You To Call Him

The Debrief: I mean, this guy. What a guy. We're all over this guy.

You know how sometimes, in the middle of a rainstorm, you suddenly get the urge to take off all of your clothes and head outside for an evening run? It’s just so freeing, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

Well, that’s just what trainer Ethan Renoe did the other night when he was visiting Chicago. Luckily, a local reporter happened to be on hand to capture the glorious moment.

When the reporter asked Ethan what the hell he was doing running shirtless in a rainstorm, Ethan replied, ‘It’s a great day for a run so... too wet to wear a shirt you know?’

The reporter doesn’t look convinced. ‘You’re in shorts. It’s mid-December,’ he says. ‘How is that possible?’

‘Oh it’s awesome. I love running in the rain,’ replies Ethan. ‘And I’m also single so...’ He then makes the universal sign for ‘Call me’.

Since then, Ethan, who’s been single for seven years (I mean, he’s only 24), has had his original video viewed 3.3 million times on Facebook.

The same reporter caught up with Ethan a few hours later (by the time he’d got home from his run, the video had already been watched 24,000 times), where he elaborated on what he’s looking for in a lady.

‘I’m a Christian. I don’t really pay attention to all that stuff,’ he said. ‘I really love the Lord and Jesus and everything he’s done for me.’

According to a later report by TMZ, Ethan’s ‘going to wait for his honeymoon to tear up his v-card’.

Check out the original interview below.


Am I viral?

Posted by Ethan Renoe on Sunday, 13 December 2015

Ethan’s also got a blog you can have a read of here.

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