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You Have To See These Adorable Dogs Dressed Up For Halloween

You Have To See These Adorable Dogs Dressed Up For Halloween

The Debrief: Meet the “Woofs” of Wall Street and Cruhuahua

Many celebrities tried to ‘win’ Halloween this year – Rita Ora was Posion Ivy, Demi Lovato was legendary pop star Selena, and Kim Kardashian really tried to wow people by changing outfits three times, first she was Cher, then Madonna and finally Aaliyah. 

But none of these expensive celebrity attempts could possibly compare to the homemade costumes made with love by the dog owners of New York City. 

The annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade took place to celebrate Halloween, and we literally can’t stop looking at the perfect pugs that came out in costume. 

An estimated 500 dogs attended (with their humans, obvs) dressed in outfits resembling Justin Timberlake, Cruella DeVil, and the “Woofs” of Wall Street. 

Some owners matched their dogs' costumes while others let their pups have all the shine, and the best thing about all these outfits? Most of them were handmade or adapted from things found and bought online by loving owners. 

Here are our favourites: 

What’s better than an actual kissing booth? One with a drool-laden dog of course. 


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 Who needs couple costumes, when you can have owner and dog costumes? Summer Strand dressed as Crumama in a high-neck spotted corset, black nail varnish and all of the jewels, while rolling along a pram with a blanket-come-dog-bed adorned with stuffed Dalmatians (all fake… we hope), and she dressed her Chihuahua dog April Moon as Cruhuahua with a red feather headdress and necklace. “We’re 101 Glamatians,” Strand told the New York Times

 Many of the outfits in the parade came with some kind of truck, car, bus or other vehicle – probably because the owners didn’t feel like carrying around an agitated dog dressed as a pineapple all day.

This fruity pup looks like its fallen into a bowl of punch, and doesn’t feel like getting out anytime soon – we feel you. 

This is one of the few costumes that actually looks like it was made for a dog. See the chic strap under the chest for comfort and support? Nice.

And there’s even a hook for a lead so that the owner can keep track of this little Chihua-shark. 

Maybe next year the celebs will outshine the pups... 


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