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Dog Nearly Dies After Eating Bag of Drugs

Dog Nearly Dies After Eating Bag of Drugs

The Debrief: A young whippet has pulled through after accidentally popping a bag of Es on his daily walk

This week a 17-month old whippet called Blue was just out enjoying his walk in Bradford with his elderly owner when the unspeakable happened. 

Being the excitable, eager and inquisitive guy that he is Blue sniffed something out. He somehow happened upon a bag of heart-shaped ecstasy pills and wolfed down the contents. 

Blue’s elderly owner looked on in horror as Blue became unsteady on his feet and began foaming at the mouth. 

The owner, thinking on his feet despite the awful situation, picked up the bag of pills because he was concerned that it might be a child who picked it up next and carried both the bag and Blue home. 

According to the BBC the owner then rushed his poor dog to Bradford’s pet hospital, run by the animal charity PDSA. 

Head nurse, Miriam Wilson, said Blue was in a critical condition when he arrived for treatment. 

‘He’d collapsed and the toxins were causing organ failure. Life-saving treatment was started straight away’ with no time to waste.

‘He was put on an IV drip and received activated charcoal to absorb the toxins. Without the treatment, he would not have survived the night’, she said as the pills were causing his organs to fail. 

The incident was reported to the police, who came and collected the bag of pills and disposed of it safely. 

Miriam says owners should call their vet immediately if they suspect their pet may have swallowed something they shouldn’t have: ‘there are lots of hidden dangers around the home and garden, as well as out in the wider world, that our pets may sniff out’ she said. 

It was a close call but fortunately, due to the quick thinking of his owner and the life-saving actions of staff at the pet hospital, Blue pulled through. 

Thankfully, reports say he has now made a full recovery and is back to his usual self. All's well that ends well but we expect Blue will be having a chilled one this weekend. Very wise. 

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