Elinore Court | Contributing Writer | Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Dog Grooming Has Gone Insane

Dog Grooming Has Gone Insane

The Debrief: This is all the evidence you need

Remember the recent trend of dogs being groomed to make their heads entirely square?  

Well the world of pooch grooming has just been taken to a whole new level of crazy with the Extreme Grooming Contest in New Jersey. And this year’s entries certainly don’t disappoint. 

They say the dog matches its owner and, hilariously, most of the owners seem to be sporting their own quirky hairdos – could you imagine seeing these pairs casually strolling down the street with neon hair and a Katy Perry shark shaved into the dogs’ fur? From Maleficent to an alien panda-dog (a phrase I never thought I’d have to write) feast your eyes on these expressions of dog grooming… umm… creativity? Actually, more like insanity. 


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