Lauren Smith | Contributing Writer | Wednesday, 16 December 2015

This Is The Worst Day To Have Your Birthday, Apparently

This Is The Worst Day To Have Your Birthday, Apparently

The Debrief: Born on this day? Sucks to be you, apparently

Is it your birthday today? Many happy returns! Or not, as a new, depressing survey from Interflora suggests. Apparently December 16 is the shittiest time of the year to have your birthday, because of the bad weather, the 'likelihood it will be forgotten' and the proximity to Christmas. 

Interflora compiled the results by cross-referencing 2000 British adults and asking about details like the number of presents received and likelihood of friends attending a birthday party according to their birth dates. They also added in that the best day of the year to have a birthday was the 28th July, because of the 'hot weather and sense of excitement about summer'. 

But, while I'm sitting here feeling pretty smug with my June 11th birthday (perfectly placed in between Christmas and New Year, meaning maximum presents and good times every six months), I've got a bit of beef with this study.

Firstly, 28th July is not the dream birthday Interflora makes out - do you remember being one of the kids at school who had a birthday in the summer holidays? It totally sucked, according to my childhood friends, because everyone was either on holiday or doing some family activity that meant organising a bouncy castle and ice cream and jelly extravaganza at your local village hall was a nightmare. As you get older, it isn't so bad - but a lot of people tend to get married or go on holiday during that time (selfish people), meaning it's not so great. Also, doesn't it normally down piss buckets in July? 

As for the 16th December news, I don't have any friends with a birthday on that day, but if they did, I have to admit I'd find it hard to peel myself off the sofa and chug back some flat prosecco in honour of their brithday right now. I'd do it, because I'm a great friend, but 2 weeks of solid December partying has left me and most of my friends permanently hung over, grumpy and necking Berocca. But I'd hope your mates would at least make the effort. Or you'd just coast along with the festive party vibes and make your Birthday some sort of Christmassy thing. So chin up, December 16th babies. And remember, the weather isn't even that bad this year. 

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