Stevie Martin | Staff Writer | Thursday, 22 January 2015

Dapper Laughs First Comeback Show Has Been Scheduled - Shall We All Go?!

The Debrief: Oh cool, so he's all set up to do another gig...

After signalling his comeback with a tweet the other week, Daniel O'Reilly (aka Mr. D. Laughs) has consolidated his return to live comedy with a date booked in Rochester. Billed as 'back from the dead', it'll be interesting to see what sort of material he turns to, now that saying girls who cry when you show them your penis are just playing hard to get is generally considered unacceptable. Case in point, he told the sold-out London Scala last year: 'If it was a guide to rape, I would have done one five-minute episode, come on and go 'Oi oi, I'm Dapper Laughs, go down the shops, get some rope, bit of duct tape, rape the b**ch, well done, see you later.'. 

Next month, he'll play the Casino Rooms in Kent - the perfect place for him, considering the venue was heavily criticised in 2013 for promoting a National Cleavage Weekender party where women who showed their boobs on the door got free entry. Sounds right up Dapper's alley.

The vine comedian had been due to set out on a UK tour, but that got cancelled after his performance at a uni caused students from Cardiff to stage a protest in an attempt to ban him from coming to the campus. It worked, but after the backlash we're not sure what sort of humour he'll turn to. Certainly, some the vines where he didn't objectify or disrespect women were actually pretty funny - and recent tweets seem to suggest that he's back filming the six second clips that made him most famous. 

And while he's been commenting on the recent Page 3 headlines in a tongue in cheek way (Building sites & Cafe's [sic] will never be the same again!'), his social media activity also hints to the possibility of a different, less Dapper Laughs-y, tone. 

For example: 

Perhaps he's learned his lesson? Watch this space. 

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