Esther Baines | Contributing Writer | Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Meet DailyCute: Out New Facebook Messenger Obsession

Meet DailyCute: Our New Facebook Messenger Obsession

The Debrief: Because who doesn’t want to send everyone they know pictures of a cat and seven piglets?

After the whole ‘secret inbox’ debacle Facebook sprung on us, it’s about time for some much needed relief. What better antidote to the angry messages from exes exes, and creepy unknown pervs asking for a date in June 2011? Obviously it's cute pictures of animals. Fluffy ones. Goofy ones. Serious ones. Some in costumes.

I present to you, Daily Cute. This involves choosing a lucky Facebook friend, and/or everyone on your friends list, and typing in messenger ‘@dailycute’. Within seconds the recipient will be blessed with a randomly chosen image of a super adorable animal (not just dogs and cats, a llama and some piglets have been sighted) along with a short caption describing what antics said animal is up to, e.g.: 

1. Serious Ball Of Fluff:

 2. Tiny Alien Babies:

3. Aforementioned Llama:

As far as I know (and I sent a lot) there’s no limit to how many daily cute’s you can send, so this could arguably become worse than said secret inbox.

On second thoughts, who would ever get sick of this?

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