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Czech Footballers Who Said \'Women Should Stay At The Stove\' Now Have To Train With The Women\'s Team And It\'s Excellent

Czech Footballers Who Said 'Women Should Stay At The Stove' Now Have To Train With The Women's Team And It's Excellent

The Debrief: Their female peers won't be serving food, they’ll be serving justice

We’d hoped that the whole ‘women should stay in the kitchen’ sexist crap had been and gone by now. I mean, more women than men are now getting into universities, and the next POTUS might very well be a woman (fingers crossed). Yet depressingly, the tired trope was brought out again this weekend by a few Czech male footballers. But the response by their club, Sparta Prague, gave us life. 

After assistant referee Lucie Ratajova missed a clear offside in their match, the two players Lukas Vacha and Thomas Koubek made sexist comments that made us roll our eyes so hard they nearly went all the way around. Although the match error was made by one woman (because massive surprise she’s human), Vacha tweeted a picture of the referee with the caption ‘To the cooker’, and Koubek, in a separate incident, said that ‘women should stay at the stove and not officiate men’s football’ in an interview. Wow. 

The two players issued apologies soon after, which is the expected industry response these days. But to our immense satisfaction, Sparta Prague have sent them to train for several days with their women’s team. Miroslav Pelta, Czech FA chairman, said that along with reporting to the boss of Sparta women’s team, the two men will ‘take part at some of the training sessions…to see with their own eyes that the women can be skilful somewhere else than at the stove, too.’ 

*Claps forever*

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