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Hero Couple In Their 80s Visit Fabric Nightclub. Have A Billboard Time

Hero Couple In Their 80s Visit Fabric Nightclub. Have A Billboard Time

The Debrief: An elderly Polish couple visited Fabric nightclub, drank tea and ballroom danced until 5AM the next day.

If you've never been to Fabric nightclub in London's Farringdon before then trust me on this; it's not for those looking for a quiet night out. Last time I went there was in 2010 when I lost a shoe and stepped on a piece of glass which my friend had to remove the next day with tweezers. My other friend lost a tooth the same night. I thought she looked cool. She didn't agree and made an emergency trip to the dentist the following day.

Whatevs mate.

So hats off then to the couple in their 80s who spent Sunday night bopping away to the no-doubt relaxing sounds of DJ Brett Jacobs at the ever so charmingly named 'WetYourSelf' night at the 2,500 capacity nightclub until 5AM the next day.

Promoter and DJ Jacob Hansen, who runs the night, spotted the couple walking down the stairs when it opened at 10PM. He told the Standard that he initially thought they were in the wrong place. 'I was downstairs just opening and I saw her on her crutches going slowly down the stairs. I thought they were lost. They didn't speak English really.'

However, it turned out that the couple had bought tickets online. They were in the country visiting their daughter and, since one of their favourite activities back home in Poland was to visit local clubs, they'd done their research in the newspaper and found that Fabric was a top rated London club.

According the Hansen, the couple had planned their night accordingly and were set to get the tube back to Watford at 6AM.

They spend the night in the VIP section (courtesy of Hansen), drinking tea (they wanted tea) and ballroom dancing.

Life goals.

Pictures courtesy of Facebook/Fabric 

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