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Canterbury West Station Wants To Rename Itself Kanye West

Canterbury West Station Wants To Rename Itself Kanye West

The Debrief: Go home Canterbury, you're drunk

OK, so Canterbury, home of Chaucer's literary classic Canterbury Tales and a UNESCO World Heritage site, is one of the most visited cities in the UK, and therefore kind of a big deal in terms of UK places. But clearly being the home of the book everyone hated to study in school is not enough for one Canterbury resident, who is calling for a Canterbury railway station to be renamed after Kanye West.

For reasons unknown to literally everyone (because what does a delightful Kent city have to do with a quotable but at times insufferable rapper?!) Mark Kilner has launched the petition calling for Canterbury West Station to be changed to Kanye West Station. 

Writing on, where the petition has gathered over 2,0o0 signatures, Mark said: 

'Moses brought Ten Commandments down from Mount Sinai; Kanye (wealth be upon him) has already brought us six studio albums – with a seventh due out soon.'

He continued:'Kanye has not always been afforded the respect he deserves. We cannot undo past wrongs such as retroactively giving Taylor Swift’s Grammy Award to Beyoncé… but we can show our appreciation in other ways, and what better start than renaming Canterbury West Station to Kanye West Station?'

In fact, Mark (who, let's be real, is probably joking by this point) wants the whole of Canterbury to be named 'Kanye':

'I see this as the first step towards a brighter future when the whole of Canterbury is renamed after Kanye (wealth be upon him); visitors can come and go via Kanye West Station or Kanye East Station (or indeed, Kanye Bus Station), pilgrims can flock to Kanye Cathedral to pay homage to the great man, and the sick and the injured can be healed at Kent and Kanye Hospital (I’d love to see the "Kent" in that last one changed to "Kim" but I accept that might be a step too far for some people).'

Most people seem pretty on board with the whole name-changing thing on the petition's page – although we doubt 2,000 signatures is enough to get the station name change pushed forward. Our favourite comment on the petition, though, is this angry person, who is clearly not a fan of Canterbury West:

'Canterbury's railway service is about the worst in the country (unless you happen to want to go to St Pancras), so it's entirely appropriate to name the station after another world-class waste of space.'

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